Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall, Autumn, Harvest - It's All Good!

Today, September 23, 2014 is the first day of autumn according to my calendar.  The weather, and more importantly, the colors of fall have been around for awhile, now I can officially enjoy them!!  I love both the cooler weather and the magnificent colors of fall, so of course, seeing beautiful fall fabric brings teddy bear clothes to "life" in my mind.  Thus, the Harvest and Fall Decor Teddy Bears collection was started.

Scarecrow Bear
Scarecrow Bear
My very first fall decor item was the Scarecrow Bear.  I tried to make him look as much as possible like a scarecrow you would see in a field.  Jeans with a rope belt, tattered straw hat, straw broom, straw bale and pumpkins,  these are all common on a scarecrow and in fall decor.  But, probably because of the teddy bear's very cute face, he doesn't actually do a good job of scaring the crows away.  See black "crow" on the straw hat!

Trick or Treat Bear
Trick or Treat Bear

Another cute fall teddy bear is the Trick or Treat Bear.  Jack-o-lantern sweater, Halloween print pants, a "Lone Ranger" style mask and a little bucket for the treats.  Centerpiece for a Halloween party,or just some cute decor (not for children under the age of 13).

Pumpkin Sweater Bear
Pumpkin Sweater Bear

If you just like the look of pumpkins, and I do, you might like the Pumpkin Sweater Bear.  The sweater with it's pumpkins on the front and the pumpkin that the bear holds is great enough for a pumpkin decor lover. But the bright orange pumpkins against the black background on the pants is absolutely eye-popping!

Harvest Angel Bear
Harvest Angel Bear
I admit it, the Harvest Angel Bear was borne from the fabric.  See the fabric, fall in love with the fabric, find a way to use it.  I love the bright oranges and reds, mixed with gold and green, some of those gorgeous fall colors that fill my senses.  She had to have a pumpkin and orange ribbon and bow, just to add more color to the ensemble.

Thanksgiving Sweater Bear
Thanksgiving Sweater Bear

The Thanksgiving Sweater Bear is on the lighter side.
The pants are more of those lovely fall colors, but the sweater depics a funny looking turkey.  I would send this as a gift to someone if you want to make them chuckle.

Thanksgiving Angel Bear
Thanksgiving Angel Bear

Last, but not least, the Thanksgiving Angel Bear.  If you wanted to send a more serious Thanksgiving greeting to someone, or use this a decor in your home, this little angel just might do the trick.  Another "love this fabric" moment came when I saw this fabric on the bolt.  I know the fabric is hard to see in this picture, so take a look at the close up I have provided on my website.  The words are a simple thanksgiving prayer surrounding drawings of harvest on the farm.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bear-ly Poetic Take 2, The Lighter Side

Sometimes the quirky humor gets carried over into the poetic side of me.  Sometimes I'm vanilla, sometimes I'm chocolate, and sometimes I'm a "twist" (these are references to ice cream cones in case you did not recognize the term "twist").  Today I will share with you some of the lighter side of my poetry that accompanies, and sometimes defines, my teddy bear gifts.

Friendship Angel Bear
Friendship Angel Bear
First, Friendship Angel Bear, dressed in a gold satin dress and trimmed in gold, comes with a lighthearted, but heart felt poem that reads:

Friendships, be they young or old
Are worth more than their weight in gold.

Simple, to the point, and the point driven home with the gold dress and trim.

Sister Angel Bear
Sister Angel Bear
A similar gift is the Sister Angel Bear.  This poem reads:

A silver thread of memories shared,
Laughter and tears together.
Sisters bound by family ties,
Now best friends forever.

Again, a simple, to the point poem that defines the overall look with the silver dress and trims.

The Menopause Angel Bear is one of my quirkiest, trying to take a humorous look at the challenges of going through menopause. This is written for all of the ladies in the sisterhood.  Poem reads:

Menopause Angel Bear
Menopause Angel Bear
Oh Lord, help me through this day,
The "change" has not been kind.
I'm hot, I'm weepy, I'm up I'm down,
I think I'm losing my mind!
I've got my fan and tissue handy
Ready for what comes my way.
Watch over me, Lord, keep me sane
This is what I pray!

Garden Angel Bear
Garden Angel Bear
The last one for this post is Garden Angel Bear.  I admit it, I saw this fabric, loved it, and found a way to use it in a teddy bear gift.  (For a fabri-holic, the look of a fabric often trumps any other source of reasoning!)  The poem that accompanies this bear reads:

I plant the seeds, I water the rows,
But it's you, O Lord, who makes it grow.
Please send your sunshine and gift of life,
and Bless my garden day and night.

My next post might have to be on the some of the gorgeous fabrics that can drive a fabric loving person crazy!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bear-ly Poetic, Teddy Bear Gifts with Poetry

Yesterday, I revealed my quirky humor side, today is the thoughtful, compassionate side that I express through poetry.  These are not long, involved poems, but short and to the point, most of them point to God as the helper in times of difficulty.  I will give you just a few examples of the poetry included with some of my Angel Bears.

Kailie's Angel Bear
Kailie's Angel Bear
One of my very first poems was written for Kailie's Angel Bear.  There is a story behind this bear.  A friend of mine had a granddaughter named Kailie.  I do not remember her exact age, but I believe around the age of 10.  Doctor's discovered that she had leukemia, and while she and her doctors and her family fought hard, she did not make it.  My heart was moved by her fight as I heard of her story from her grandmother.  The poem, the angel bear (my first) started to unfold in my mind as I ached for this family.  The poem reads: "God sends his angels to protect and guard, To lift us up when life is hard.  They watch over us and pray for us too.  This gift is to remind you of God's angel for you."

Pearl Angel Bear, breast cancer patient gift
Pearl Angel Bear

A few years later, I was going through cancer treatment for breast cancer.  Pearl Angel Bear and the poem that comes with her was inspired by the support that I received during that time.  This poem reads:

Dear friend, I'm here to walk with you
Through this journey that you face,
With listening ear and helping hand
And a measure of God's grace.

To comfort you, to encourage you,
To help you do what you must do.
To share your laughter and your tears,
I'm here, dear friend, for you.

The voice of this poem is that of the caring friend to the breast cancer patient.

At the beginning of my cancer treatment, I had major surgery.  If you have had surgery, you know that they do not want you wearing any jewelry, including your wedding band.  Well, I couldn't get my wedding ring off, so went to a jeweler to have it cut off.  In the process of doing this, the kind woman who was helping was asking why I wanted it cut off.  When I told her it was for cancer surgery, she was very sympathetic and said she would pray for me.  As if that was not enough, while I was in the hospital, she actually called me to see how I was doing!!!  I have never seen her again, but I was touched beyond measure by her kindness, which inspired the poem that comes with You're An Angel Bear.
You're An Angel Bear
You're An Angel Bear
 This poem reads: 

Words cannot express what your kindness meant to me.
May this angel make you smile and may God bless you abundantly.
Thanks for being an "angel" to me.

Coming up next... some of my lighter side poetry and accompanying teddy bear gifts.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bear-ly Quirky Teddy Bear Gifts at Bear Family Gifts, LLC

It is probably safe to say that I have a rather quirky sense of humor.  I can't explain it, or defend it, it just "is what it is".  Sometimes that quirkiness spills over into teddy bear clothes and accessories.  Some of my newest quirky teddy bear gifts appear in the Get Well Teddy Bear Gifts.

Sick Day Bear
Sick Day Bear
Sick Day Bear is quite adorable in her pink robe and pink slippers.  The quirky part is the thermometer in her mouth, and hankie in one hand and the prescription bottle in the other.  The thermometer and the prescription bottle are actually novelty buttons, cute as a, well, button!  The hankie is made from a scrap of fabric.  Why do I think this is cute and funny?  Because it is a miniature form of a real sick person who has decided they need to stay in bed.  Just might make a sick person smile and brighten their day.

Nightshirt Bear
Nightshirt Bear

I like the Nightshirt Bear because it is a little old fashioned, sort of looks like the father in "The Night Before Christmas" story.  He's got some character, and the nightshirt is cute, too.  This is really designed for a guy who needs some cheering up.

Hula Girl Bear
Hula Girl Bear

Now I'm going to share with you some past quirky teddy bear gifts.  Hula Girl Bear is quite the entertainment.  Like the wood version of the coconut shell bra?
Menopausal Angel Bear
Menopausal Angel Bear

Menopause Angel Bear represents real life to menopausal women.  I'm there, I understand the hot flashes and the teary moments, thus this angel bear comes with a small fan (that really works with a battery) and a small packet of tissue (real thing).  I also wrote a poem for this one.

Good Mornin' Mama Bear is just for fun.  She is a composite of various accessories that indicate it is morning.
Good Mornin' Mama Bear
Good Mornin' Mama Bear
The bear is dressed in a colorful house dress and has curlers in her "hair" (my teddy bears have fur, not hair, but we try to make it work).  She's got her teddy bear slippers and glasses, as well.  Also included is a tiny cup of "coffee", and a newspaper.  I think she' almost ready to start her day!  (says the lady writing this blog in her jammies!!!!! - the advantage of working from home.)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Teddy Bear Angel to the Rescue!

Pink Ribbon and Hearts Angel Bear for breast cancer fighters
Pink Ribbon and Hearts Angel Bear
More teddy bear angels have been added to the fold this week at Bear Family Gifts, LLC.  Another pink ribbon angel for breast cancer fighters, Pink Ribbon and Hearts Angel Bear.  Lovely white bear in a dress that is pink on pink on pink.  I think you get the picture.

Red and Purple Angel Bear for red hat ladies
Red and Purple Angel Bear

In shades of red and purple, I present the Red and Purple Angel Bear.  Pretty simple title and to the point, this bear is a sweet gift for the mature woman who lover her red hat and purple dress.

Get Well Angel Bear in Purple dress
Get Well Angel in Purple

Continuing the Angel theme, we go to the Get Well Teddy Bear Gifts. We've added to angel bears here that come with my original poem, which you can read on the pages linked here.  The Get Well Angel Bear in Purple is cute, encouraging, and if the recipient loves the color purple, a great gift.

Get Well Angel Bear Large
Get Well Angel Bear Large
The second new angel in this category is simply a larger version of our original Get Well Angel Bear.  Instead of 6" wide by 6" high, the Get Well Angel Bear Large is approximately 9" wide by 9" high.  Still cute, still an "I care about what is happening to you" gift.

You might get the idea that I really like dressing teddy bears in pretty dresses and attaching some wings and a halo, sometimes a poem as well.  Well, you're right, I do.  You might ask why, what's the big deal about angels?  I look at it like this.  The teddy bear, no matter how it is dressed, is simply a vehicle to deliver your sentiments to someone.  I think having a teddy bear dressed as an angel makes that sentiment a particularly heartfelt one.  But only you, the gift giver, can decide if it works for you.  I am simply here to pass on the message through my teddy bears if you choose.  And I am always happy to be a part of that message.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Teddy Bear Gifts to See!!

Inspirational Teddy Bear Angel Gift
Inspirational Angel Bear
I am very excited to be able to present 2 new angel teddy bears, with more to come.  We've been busy in the teddy bear den, whipping up some wonderful fabrics into beautiful clothing for our teddy bears.  Come see the Inspirational Angel Bear.   When I saw this rich, brown fabric with scripture written on it, I had to buy it and find a way to use it.  What better way to incorporate words from the bible than to make it an angel.  This would be a great gift of encouragement to someone going through a difficult time, a serious illness, or just a way to say "I'm thinking of you, and so is God".

Pink Ribbon and Butterflies Angel Teddy Bear Gift for breast cancer patients
Pink Ribbon and Butterflies Angel Bear
Another beautiful fabric that I couldn't resist is the pink ribbon fabric with a black background and with butterflies.  I love making encouraging and caring gifts for breast cancer patients, having been through breast cancer twice myself.  I know what it means to know that people are thinking of you and praying for you.  Sometimes, that's all your friends and family can do.  I love the colors of this fabric against the white teddy bear.  White teddy bears are very hard to find these days, so what I have in stock will probably be all that is available, therefore these will be a limited item.  Meet Pink Ribbon and Butterflies Angel Bear.

I confess to being a fabriholic.  Many times I see a fabric and simply MUST figure out a way to use it.  These are two examples of that obsession.