Sunday, April 07, 2019

Moms Do Many Things... Thank Them For them All

Nurse Bear
Moms do many things for their families, people they work with, people they serve in their line of work, etc.  If Mom is a nurse, you could give her a proper "Thank You" with this cute Nurse Bear.  The dress is made from fabric that has all kinds of nurse related words on it, like "Nurses are Patient People", "Nurses are Angels," "Nurses are a Work of Heart", and so on.  We have added an old fashioned white nurse's hat and a cross-stitched sign with "Thank You" written on it.  There is a gold plated nurse's cap charm on the sign.  Click Here to See More and Purchase

Coffee Loving Bear
With all the things that a Mom does, she might need some caffeine to start her day and keep her going.  If she likes coffee, the Coffee Loving Bear would be a fun gift for her on Mother's Day.  This teddy bear wears her jammies done in a coffee print fabric robe, coordinating pants, belt and headband.  She holds an empty coffee cup in one hand and a cross-stitched sign in the other.  The sign reads "Coffee NOW!!! Please".  I have added a coffee cup button to the sign.  Click Here to See More and Purchase

I will have more Mother's Day Gift Ideas later this week.  Stay tuned!!

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Best Mom Gifts for the Best Mom

Do you have a wonderful mom?  A great mom?  Maybe she is the BEST Mom ever!  Best moms deserve the best gifts on Mother's Day.  Teddy bears in pretty dresses are a good start to that best gift, but the little pillow with, you guessed it, "Best Mom" stitched on it makes it the best gift ever!  Also on the pillow is a silver charm with "Mom" engraved on it.  Give one of these to your mom and she will be reminded of how much you appreciate her every time she looks it.  (Which will be often...)

Best Mom in pretty pink and black print
Best Mom in light bluish greenish dress with pink roses and white hat.

Thursday, April 04, 2019

Mother's Day Items

Mother's Day is May 12, 2019.  What kind of gift do you get for your mom?  You do get her a gift, right?  Right???  Some moms like flowers or plants.  Some like to be taken out to eat.  Some like jewelry.  Maybe some like all three!  But what about something a little different?

What about a plush teddy bear in a beautiful dress, accented with lace and ribbon,

Red and Purple Mom Bear
maybe with a hat,

Mom Angel Bear
                maybe with a poem,

 maybe with miniature gardening tools.
Gardening Angel Bear

There are more teddy bear gifts to choose from in my Etsy shop, with many more items for Mom to come soon.  I will keep you posted.

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