Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Newest Teddy Bears

Ms. Tedi Bear would like to introduce you to the newest additions to the Bear Family at my etsy shop.  Ms. Tedi has been created to be the "face" of my business, just for fun.

Pearl Angel Ornament Bear

First, a never-too-early Christmas tree ornament for breast cancer survivors (or in memory of someone who didn't make it).  She's a real cutie in her pink dress trimmed in pearls.

Lady Patriotic Bear

I've been offering the Lady Patriotic Bear using a brown bear, but am now offering it in brown, white (pictured) and cream.  This has become one of my best sellers this year!  Beary cute patriotic decor for your home. I think she looks like she is ready to watch a 4th of July parade and wave her flag.

Bear Hugs Bear

Another item that I have added a white bear option is the Bear Hugs Bear.  This bear would be good as a get well gift or a little encouragement for someone who just needs a little hug.

Lots more bears coming, just takes me awhile to put them together and add them.  I'll be working on some this next week!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Gifts of Encouragement

Cancer Kickin' Cowgirl Bear
I am a two-time breast cancer survivor, and happy and thankful to be one.  During the months of treatments, I received many gifts of encouragement - cards, stuffed animals, food, rides to treatment, prayers, etc.  Another very needed gift was the gift of laughter and fun, because there were lots of non-fun times, believe me.  Taking these things in mind, I have created several gifts for breast cancer patients over the years, including what I would call fun themed gifts.  Just added to my Etsy shop today is Cancer Kickin' Cowgirl Bear.  I love the cowboy/cowgirl theme and thought it would be fun to provide a gift that encourages a cancer patient to "kick cancer down the road".

Cancer Fighter Bear

Cancer Fighter Bear encourages someone to "knock out cancer".  Again, a little fun, some encouragement, something every cancer patient needs.

Cancer Fighting Super Hero
Everybody needs a super hero sometimes.  Cancer Fighting Super Hero can provide encouragement at a time when you need something "super" to help you get through it.

The main thing these gifts do, other than bring some levity to a difficult situation, is they remind the recipient that someone is thinking of them or praying for them.  Sometimes letting a person know you care is the best thing you can do for them.  Combine these bears with a personal note from you and you just might lift their spirits.

Come visit my Etsy shop anytime:  I have more gifts for cancer patients and lots of other "beary" good things.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

The First Day of the New Way

I Care About You
Now that my domain,  is taking visitors to my Etsy shop as of this morning, I am very excited to operate my Etsy shop full time and added some new products last night.  I'd like to introduce you to those products.

First is a new breast cancer patient bear.
She is dressed in pink, of course, with a pink hat.  She is an "I Care about you" bear, holding a sign that says just that. (Update: this item as been sold!)

Patriotic Trio

My second new product is actually 3 in 1.  This is a patriotic gift or home decor, offered in 3 colors of bears and 3 colors of dresses.  I call them the Patriotic Trio, but the listing is for your choice of 1 bear.  If you would be interested in all 3, please contact me.  See this listing at .

Please come see me at my etsy shop: anytime.  It's open 24/7.

Thank you for your interest in my products!  Suggestions always welcome.