Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Last Day for a Special!

Panda Sweater Christmas
Panda Sweater Christmas
This is it - the last day to order for Christmas gifts and the last day for a Christmas teddy bear special.  I think I will let the picture do the talking today.

Read more and order at
Christmas Special of the Day

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Current Special of the Day!

Check out the current special of the day at Bear Family Gifts, LLC.  Here's a clue as to what you will find.  He's white, he's dressed for the cold weather, and he's cute.

Snowman Bear
Snowman Bear

Christmas Special of the Day

Friday, November 30, 2012

New Christmas Teddy Bear Special!

Mr. Christmas Bear, Christmas teddy bear gift or decor
Mr. Christmas Bear
It is a new day and it is time for a new Christmas Teddy Bear Special of the Day!  Today, I am featuring Mr. Christmas Bear.  He is quite the handsome fellow, dressed in a fun Christmas print vest and matching bow tie, with a Santa hat to top it off - literally!  Click on the link below to read more about this cutie and order at the special price.

Christmas Special of the Day

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Teddy Bear Special of the Day!

Merry Christmas Teddy Bear Gift
Merry Christmas Bear
As Christmas approaches and my ordering deadline approaches even faster (December 5th), I am offering a Special of the Day.  This will feature one Christmas teddy bear item at a reduced price each day from today through December 5th.  The first featured teddy bear is the Merry Christmas Bear.  See my webpage, Christmas Special of the Day, to read more about this adorable Christmas teddy bear that can be used as a gift or as decor, and see the special price - today only!  Tomorrow there will be another Christmas teddy bear gift featured.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's Beginning to Look Alot like Teddy Bears for Christmas

Merry Christmas Bear, Teddy Bear Gift
Merry Christmas Bear
Christmas is only 45 days away, so I must intrude upon your planning for Thanksgiving to encourage you to look ahead.  My cutoff date for ordering items for pre-Christmas delivery is December 5th. Ouch!  That is coming up way too soon.

So with Christmas in mind, I introduce to you today my newest Christmas bear, which is really a revision of one of my oldest Christmas bears.  This is Merry Christmas Bear and she is a cutie!  She is a beige bear dressed in a bright red sweater with a Christmas tree on the front.  Her pants are a dark green with red ribbons and she is holding a silver package.  You can read more about her and place your order by going to her web page,  Merry Christmas Bear.

Panda Santa Bear, Christmas panda bear gift
Panda Santa Bear

I have many other teddy bears to choose from for Christmas gifts, including two dressed panda bears.  These panda bears are quite adorable with their fuzzy black and white fur.  Panda Santa Bear is dressed in a very elegant looking Christmas print vest and matching bow tie and topped off with a fun Santa hat.  You can read more about Panda Santa and place your order on his web page, Panda Santa Bear.

Visit these two pages for a preview of more teddy bears dressed for Christmas, as well as other teddy bear gift ideas.

Christmas Teddy Bears

Christmas Gift Ideas

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Something Beary Cute for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Sweater Bear
Thanksgiving Sweater Bear
There is still time to order a teddy bear for Thanksgiving.  Orders need to be placed by November 12th.  My Harvest and Fall Decor Teddy Bears make great items to display for the fall season and Thanksgiving holiday.  Or the teddy bears would make a great way to wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving when you won't be able to spend the holiday with them.  Consider the Thanksgiving Sweater Bear.  This cute beige bear is dressed in a tan sweater with a colorful turkey on the front.

Harvest Angel Bear
Harvest Angel Bear

Or perhaps the Harvest Angel Bear is more to your liking.  The Harvest Angel Bear is dressed in a green dress with bright fall colored pinafore.  She would make a beautiful mantel decoration.  As you can see, I really like the look of bright orange pumpkins.

Pumpkin Sweater Bear
Pumpkin Sweater Bear
That can be seen no better than in the Pumpkin Sweater Bear.  What can I say?  Bright orange pumpkins everywhere, on the sweater, on the pants, and in the teddy bear's hand.

See these featured teddy bear gifts and decor and my complete line at

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Time for Some New Stuff - Teddy Bear Stuff That Is!

Small Teacher Bear, teddy bear gift for teacher
I have just a few new products to introduce to you.

First, a smaller version of a popular item, the Small Teacher Bear would be a very cute item on a teacher's desk.  Not only does it have the cross-stitched pillow with some words of encouragement, but it also has a clear container for pencils and pens.  On the front of the container is an apple that can be personalized, as this one is.

Marine Mom Angel Bear, teddy bear gift

Secondly is the Marine Mom Angel Bear .  I offer an angel bear that represents all 4 of the major military branches.  The Army Mom Angel Bear has been on the page for a few months.  There will also be pictures soon for the Air Force and Navy Mom Angel Bears in the near future.

This last item is a variation of the Patriotic Sweater Bear shown on my Patriotic Teddy Bear Gifts page.  Even though I did not get this one ready in time for July 4th this year, he was too cute not to share.  Instead of a white hat, he is wearing a red hat with a white ribbon around the hat.  The ribbon has red and blue stars on it.  He is not on the website yet, but I will be adding him to the Patriotic page soon, so he can be ordered anytime of the year.

Get Well Angel Bear, get well gift
I decided to include one more item.  This is an item for which I have added an updated picture, Get Well Angel Bear.  The only difference in this bear over the previous one is that I have changed the wings.  I have been using white wings with a thin gold outline for many years.  However, recently, the wings were so malformed that I could not get them to look good.  So I changed to a solid gold wing which is "puffy".  It is a very pretty wing piece and so far, has been consistent in shape so I am happy to start using these wings.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Teddy Bears in Red, White, and Blue

Teddy bears love to sport their red, white, and blue clothes when it gets close to the Fourth of July.  They enjoy a good parade or a picnic with fireworks, and they like wearing their patriotic colors while attending these festivities.

For instance, this cute couple like to wave a flag and wear a white cowboy hat, along with their patriotic clothing.  Wouldn't they look cute on the fireplace mantel or a corner shelf?
Mr. and Mrs. USA Bears
Mr. and Mrs. USA Bears

It must be cold where this teddy bear is having a picnic, she had to bring out her navy sweater.
Patriotic Teddy bear in sweater with flag
Patriotic Teddy Bear

Mr. Patriotic Bear
Mr. Patriotic Bear
Not to be left out, this gentleman likes to wave a flag and wear a white cowboy hat along with his very spiffy vest and matching bow tie.  He's cute and he knows it!!

All of these bears and many more can be found on my Patriotic Teddy Bear Gifts page.  You'll need to order by June 20th so I can get your order in the mail to you and you can receive it before July 4th.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Teddy Bear Workers of Summer

Lifeguard Bear
Lifeguard Bear
Some jobs you think of as being more active in the summer, and these teddy bears agree.  Summer is their busiest time of year!  Take this Lifeguard Bear for instance.  She is diligent in looking out for the welfare of all those little bear cubs that like to spend many hours at the pool in the summer.  You can choose the color of the swimsuit and towel, comes with whistle and red cross on the bathing suit, sunglasses or goggles.

Construction Worker Bear
Construction Worker
This Construction Worker is ready for lots of building and remodeling projects this summer.  He's dressed in t-shirt and jeans and you can add a yellow hardhat, tool box, electrical tape - lots of stuff!
Change the color of the shirt and pants if you'd like.  Add a name tag to make it personal.

Realtor Bear, real estate agent
Realtor Bear
Admittedly, a Realtor Bear likes to be busy year round, but in the summer families are on the move and she is right there helping them with all the details.  And she is successful, too, her "For Sale" sign has "SOLD" stamped on it!  Comes with glasses, shoes, calculator, sign, and purse (with papers!) Also comes with the stand to display her.  You can choose the color of the clothes, style of clothes could be changed as well.  I can also make this for a male agent.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Signs of Summer, These Teddy Bears are Ready!

On my facebook page (, I have been sharing some teddy bears that are ready for some summer fun.  I thought I would share some of them with you here.  Or you can see them all by clicking on the link above to my facebook page.

Fun in the sun Bear
Fun in the Sun Bear
First, one of my favorites, the Fun in the Sun Bear.   She is ready for the entire tropical experience!  Sundress with matching wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, bag with umbrella, other beach items, suntan lotion, and a basket of fruit.  She is on a vacation to remember.

Hula Girl Bear
Hula Girl Teddy Bear

Ever been to Hawaii?  I haven't, but I know teddy bears who have and they probably saw this teddy bear, Hula Girl.  She's got her grass skirt, coconut shell bra, lei, and a garland of flowers on her head.  Aloha!

I will share more with you in other posts this week. Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Angels Spread Their Wings

Two Guardian Angels and Kailie's Angel with poem in the middle

If you have looked through my website (if not, please do -, you will see that I offer a wide variety of dressed and decorated teddy bears.  But these angels pictured have always been my favorite.  There's something about their white satin dresses that flow softly around them, and the gold trim just adds an elegant look to the ensemble.  Probably the main reason they are my favorite is because people send them to family and friends who need encouragement, comfort from knowing that someone cares, a reminder that God is there for them.  These three went to a family who is experiencing a very difficult medical situation.  I hope these angel bears serve as a reminder to this family of the friends who are thinking of them and care about what they are going through.  In the picture, the Guardian Angel Bears are on the outside, and Kailie's Angel Bear with the poem is in the middle.  You can see all of my angel bears (and bunnies and a lamb) on my Angel Bears page.  And yes, there is a wide variety of angels, too.  Some in other colors of satin, others in prints for a themed gift.  They would all like to spread their wings and take a personalized message of encouragement to someone.

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's With the Poems?

If you looked at my Angel Bears, you would see that many of them come with poems. Then you might ask the question, “What’s with the poems?” I started writing poetry as a teenage girl. I don’t know why or how it started. I just filled several notebooks one summer, probably just part of “finding myself”. Some were pretty good, some were just kind of weird. I wrote poems about things I had experienced and things I knew nothing about. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. The time spent writing poetry lessened as the years went by and I actually had a life (LOL), but it never went away totally. I have written some longer poems about my dad, life with breast cancer, the meaning of Christmas, all of which I have posted on my site under My Poetry. Read them if you’d like. When it comes to writing poems for my Angel Bears, they are short and sweet and fit on a little card that comes either attached to the bear’s paw, or fits in a small frame displayed on an easel, or I cross-stitch the poem and make a heart shaped pillow that the bear holds. It all works for me.
Mom Angel Bear
Since Mother’s Day is coming up soon, May 13th, you might be interested in an angel bear and poem that I wrote just for a mom. Mom Angel Bear is dressed in a soft, feminine print fabric full of pink roses and the poem displayed on an easel makes a beautiful ensemble. Maybe your mom would like one this year, or maybe you would like one and you can pass the word to your offspring. Last day to order to receive before Mother’s Day is April 29th.  See all suggested gifts for mom on my Mother's Day Gifts page.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Confessions of a Fabriholic

It is springtime, nearing the end of the school year, and the beautiful dresses and sharp looking tuxedos are PROMinent in the minds of teenagers and parents.  A few years ago, I saw some beautiful fabric in the fabric store and my immediate thought was, "That would make a beautiful prom dress for a teddy bear."  When I see fabric, I always think in terms of teddy bear clothes.  I used to think about making myself a dress, or my daughter something really pretty, but I found I could buy smaller pieces and many more pieces to make clothes for teddy bears and spend less money than if I were making people clothes.  Thus the foibles of being a fabriholic.  I see a fabric that I like (and there could be hundreds of fabric I like in one trip to the store) and I immediately see it in the form of clothing.  I see it, I like it, I want to BUY it, even just a little.  Just a small strip of fabric keeps me dreaming and imagining all that the fabric could be and how I would feel if I make that imagery become reality.  One problem I have is that I am also practical.  I CANNOT buy every piece of fabric that I love, I CANNOT make something out of every piece of fabric that I love.  Using the fabrics to make teddy bear clothes helps a little because I can buy more of what I like and keep the cost down.  But there is always more that I want to do and reality always falls short of my dreams.  Have you heard the saying, "So much fabric, so little time."?  That is the fabriholic's mantra.  I wish I could say that I made the imagery of the teddy bear prom dress become a reality.  The picture is still in my mind, but more than likely it will stay there.  And maybe that's okay.  I would drive myself crazy if I tried to make everything I thought of.  And, actually, in my business, I don't make too many pieces of clothing anymore.  My seamstress does that and saves me a tremendous amount of time and stress.  Sometimes when I have an idea for a new product or a variation of a current product, I have her make the clothes and then I finish them when I get time.  Frustrating for me sometimes, when I can't produce that new product right away because other duties are higher priority (like filling current orders, taking care of the books, etc.).  But the promise of something new to add to my website keeps me going.

I have just given you a little peak into the life of a fabriholic, tough, isn't it?  Of course it's not tough at all and the frustrations are so miniscule, they don't even count.  And besides, I still have the gift of dreaming, even if it doesn't bring anything to reality.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Being a Weather Watcher

Today is Monday and I am feeling very "draggy".  I think that is from my vigilant weather watching on Saturday evening.  You may have heard that the Midwest was hit hard with tornadoes and other severe storms on Saturday night.  Though I live in the Midwest, there were no such storms at my house.  However, I had family and friends who were in the projected path of the storms, so I stayed up on Saturday evening, watching the storms develop via a weather channel website.  As fascinating as it was, it was also nerve wracking, as my daughter lives in a city that was hit by a tornado.  That is the first time I've had to go through a tornado situation with a child that was not living at home.  I didn't like it much.  She did not experience the tornado, though other parts of her city did.  She was several miles away from the tornado, but she thought it was still too close and didn't care to ever be that close again.  I am in agreement with her.  I have never been through a tornado, only tornado warnings.  I have spent more than one night in the basement (with children, husband, and pets) because the siren went off and the potential for a tornado was there.  As far as I'm concerned, if there is potential for a tornado, there is a bed in the basement for me to sleep on.

Since I was feeling rather drained all day, I didn't get much done in teddy bear land.  Hopefully, after a good night's sleep, I will be able to accomplish more tomorrow.  I am working on a Nurse Bear and Cheerleader Bear, with some fun Graduation Bears to follow.  All in a good week's work in the teddy bear den.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Gallery of Teddy Bears

Several months ago, I added a page to my website of pictures showing different teddy bears I had made in the past.  These were variations of items shown on my website, but in different colors, or maybe something special a customer had wanted to make the gift more personal.  I have Basketball Bears, Graduation Bears, Football Bears, just to name a few, shown on this page.  Yesterday, a woman found me by searching for someone who had made a basketball bear for her daughter a few years ago.  Guess what!  That someone was ME!!!  She saw my Gallery of Teddy Bears and saw a picture of the very bear that had been made for her daughter (see picture here).  Now she wants to order another one for her younger daughter.  How cool is that?  I never thought about that benefit from having previous order pictures on my website, but it looks like a good move at this point.  I have many more I could add and will some day......

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Hate Head Colds!!

I really hate having a head cold, don't you? I don't feel that bad except for a stuffy nose, scratchy throat, etc. I would go back to bed, but I feel worse lying down than standing up and moving around. Too bad I can't learn to sleep standing up, I might feel better. In any case, it's on to work for the day, doing the best I can.

Today I will be working on a Female Pharmacist Bear.  I believe this is for a young lady graduating from pharmacy school.  One of the fun things about offering a wide variety of dressed teddy bears is that when it comes to graduation, you can choose a bear in a cap and gown, or you can choose to have it dressed in their professional clothing.  It would be a nice keepsake for a graduate either way.

I have several Professional Teddy Bears, and am open to new professions if you don't see what you need.  I also have an entire page devoted to Medical Professionals, that has been a very popular theme over the years.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Days in a Row?

Wow, here I am two days in a row.  Today I am playing with a new "toy", a pom pom maker.  I know, I know, I could use two pieces of cardboard and potentially accomplish the same thing.  I was just hoping that the pom pom maker might make better looking pom poms, not sure just yet, I haven't found the exact look I want.  I am going to be using the pom poms for a Cheerleader Bear.  So they need to be an appropriate size for the teddy bear, plus they need to "hang" a little, rather than just "puff".  Thus, the playing, or some might call it experimenting.

I rarely have time to experiment or play, but the taxes are done, my pending orders can wait one more day while I play.  Sort of nice.

I was doing some cleaning up in my crafting room/office yesterday and was reminded of many new products that I have in my head.  When these appear in my head, I gather supplies and send them to my seamstress so that the clothes are ready when I have the time to complete the product.  I have some beautiful satin dresses just waiting to be put on a bear and trimmed in ribbon and lace.  Soon, very soon.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Much?

If you have visited this page often, you'll see that I don't blog much. I can never think of what to say, and even if I do, it's not very long, so I don't bother. Maybe short blog posts are good, I have a hard time reading long posts anyway, maybe you do too.

So here is my short blog post: I am currently offering a 25% discount coupon for your spring gift shopping. This is good for anything on my website except items shown on the Sample Sale page and Clearance Items page. The discount code is "mom".

Just to give you a few places to start shopping, there are gifts for mom on the Mother's Day Gifts page. Gifts for graduates on the Graduation Teddy Bears page. Personalized wedding gifts on the Wedding Teddy Bears page. Don't be alarmed, but there are also bunnies on the wedding gifts page.  I also have gifts for teachers on the Teacher Teddy Bear page.