Sunday, October 02, 2011

Variety Makes Me a Happy Crafter!

There are many disadvantages to carrying a wide variety of themes in my teddy bear gifts.  My office/craft room is filled to the brim with little bits of this and that, those cute little things that I add on to the teddy bear, or small pieces of fabric that are "just right" for something.  Lots and lots and lots of lace, buttons, bows, hats, shoes, glasses, basketballs, footballs, ribbon, flowers, balloons - and that only covers about half the room!  It would be easier if I just made angels, or just bears with flowers and not balloons,  just made items for Valentine's Day and not every other holiday I can think of.  Just used beige teddy bears, not white ones, not dark chocolate ones, no bunnies, no lambs, no reindeer.  Easier, yes, but not nearly as much fun!!  I guess you could say I am easily bored, I love doing new things with my bears, or finding another animal to use.  And even though that means I have to have a large variety of supplies on hand, it is worth it to me.  A variety of items to offer means I never know what someone will be ordering next!  How boring would it be to get orders for all the same thing, no fun at at all!   Each order is like a nicely wrapped Christmas gift that I haven't a clue about, opening the notifying e-mail is like unwrapping it.  Such a pleasure!

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