Monday, September 24, 2007

Two New Bears this Week!

Lexi's Little Angel Bear

For Week #3 of the Teddy Bear Challenge, I have added 2 new bears. I have so many new items to add, some dating back to 2005, that I may just have to add 2 every week from now on. And you wouldn't believe all the ideas I have started and not finished, not the mention the ones that are just in my head!

The first new item is Lexi's Little Angel Bear, named for my great neice born in July. I haven't seen her yet in person, but I'm sure she's even cuter than this little angel bear. This is a small angel, as it is only about 3" high in sitting position.

Bling Queen Bear

The second new item is called Bling Queen Bear, she is a hoot! Lots of color, lots of jewelry, sunglasses, cell phone - she's got it all! The Bling Queen can be customized with different color clothing and accessories, as well as choosing different accessories. She's a lot of fun and would be a welcome gift, I'm sure.

Trick or Treat Bear

It is officially fall now, and with that change in seasons, we allergy suffers are anticipating the freeze that takes away whatever makes us sneeze and itch. With the coming of fall, we can also look ahead to upcoming holidays. I don't offer much in the way of fall decor, but I do have a few things. I offer a Trick or Treat Bear, which would be very cute for a Halloween party that you don't want to be super scary, like for younger children.

Scarecrow Bear Fall Decor

I also have an interesting Scarecrow Bear, which could be left out for the entire fall season.

I try to offer a variety of teddy bears, as well as a few bunnies, to appeal to wide variety of interests and gift giving occasions. But, I believe it is much like all the new cereals or ice creams you see in the store, some items remain your best sellers, no matter how many new things you add. I enjoy doing new things, and I hope you enjoy seeing the new things. I always find it interesting to browse the flavors of ice cream whether in the freezer section of my grocery store, or at an ice cream specialty fast food restaurant. But you know what? I still usually get vanilla or chocolate! Why? Sometimes I just want the comfort and confidence of the familiar.

In some ways, no matter how a teddy bear is dressed, it is always the "familiar" because of the teddy bears we had in our childhood. Or, if you're like me, as an adult, you still have a few teddy bears around. Maybe the next time you need to give a gift, you'll want something both familiar and different. My teddy bear gifts offer both of those aspects. If you ever have any questions, you can always contact me using my contact form on my website.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Anniversary Bears, teddy bear gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary

Week #2 of the Teddy Bear Challenge is here, and so is the newest teddy bear gift to hit the internet. Anniversary Bears are just the sweetest couple! It looks like the male is whispering something in the female's ear - maybe a tender "I love you - thanks for all the wonderful years together." A return customer asked me to make something special for his friends that were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. What you see is what we came up with. Gold roses, gold writing and trim on the personalized heart to represent 50 years together.

This type of representation can be done with any year and appropriate color.The great thing about a gift like this is that it can be personalized with names, date, personal message,colors, etc. I'm sure you can find other anniversary gifts for specific years of marriage, and probably even in teddy bears, but can you have it "say" what you want? We can do that for you with the way we personalize our gifts.

Bearing Gifts Christmas Bear, Christmas Gift or Decor

Speaking of Christmas...oh, you weren't? Hmm, maybe it's time to start thinking about who is on your Christmas list this year. I know it seems early, but these months will go by very quickly. I have two pages on my website that you might find helpful in thinking about Christmas gifts and decor, Christmas Gift Ideas and Christmas Teddy Bears. Teddy bears and Christmas just seem to go together naturally, maybe there's a teddy bear gift that would be perfect for someone on your gift list.

These two pages are only suggestions, of course, any of our teddy bears would make a great gift. A Pirate Bear for a pirate collector, a Doctor Bear for your favorite doctor or someone who aspires to be a doctor, a Graduate Bear for a December college graduate, a Cowboy Bear for someone who loves the western look, a Teacher Bear for your favorite teacher. The possibilities are almost endless!

Multi Generational Bear Family, Momma, sons, daughter, grandchildren.
Let me introduce you to the Bear Family -Momma Bear, Son Jack, Son Bill, Daughter Mary, Grandson Jake, Granddaughter Jill. This is a great way to represent each member of the family. Papa Bear is available, too, as well as a fourth generation, smaller than the grandchildren shown. If your mother or grandmother loves teddy bears, wouldn't she just love this? Each bear comes with a name tag and can be dressed in a variety of colors, or matching clothing. All males are shown in blue denim overalls, but other clothing can be used.

Come by our website and look at all the different styles of teddy bear gifts. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact me, we love to do custom orders!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Teddy Bear Challenge

Here's something kind of fun if you like teddy bears. I'm having a Teddy Bear Challenge on my website. For the next 10 weeks, I will be adding one new product per week and announcing this on my What's New page. This is a fun and motivational way for me to add these products that have been website ready for quite some time.

I hope you will come and join in the fun of the mystery and discovery of each new teddy bear gift.

If you haven't checked our my site in awhile, there have been a few additions in the last months. You might notice a certain Mother Theadora Bear, a great gift for a nun or Catholic teacher. I have also recently added a Dentist Bear. People have purchased this one for some very different reasons. One was actually for a dentist as a "thank you" for a great job on some "involved" dentistry. Another purpose was to give as a gift to someone recovering from dental surgery.

I had a customer write a note to me recently about his choosing of teddy bears to give as gifts: "I think that I am hooked on teddy bears as a future way of showing my appreciation of friendship towards those who have more than been kind and in their showing concern for me. The feeling of knowing that someone cares for another is overwhelming and priceless. I am sure that our Heavenly Father recognizes this obedience of his commandment that we love one another as He loves us. Thanks for your part in helping me to come to this realization and in showing my gratitude to others.".. I thought that was very kind of him, as well as one of the very reasons that I like to offer my teddy bears as gifts - to show people that they are appreciated, cared about, and thought of.

Here's another great reason to give a teddy bear gift, this was a way to use a teddy bear that I would never have dreamt: "Rev. Robak of New Jersey bought a Priest Bear for one of his parishoners who resides in a nursing home. He said, "I recently visited her and gave her this PRIEST TEDDY BEAR and told her that, through it, I was always with her. This woman, who is over 90 years of age, smiled and hugged that Teddy-Bear like a little child. Needless to say, I am in her good graces again. GOD IS GOOD! THE BIBLE SAYS THAT, 'HE RESTORES THE JOY OF OUR YOUTH!' AND SOMETIMES HE EVEN DOES THAT THROUGH A 'TEDDY-BEAR'! Thank you for your wonderful product."

I think teddy bears represent the innocence of youth, good memories, a sentimental all-over good feeling that brings a smile to everyone's face. They can be used for just about any occasion - who can you you present with a smile today?