Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Grand Finale of the Teddy Bear Challenge

We have finally reached the last week of the Teddy Bear Challenge, I am referring to this week's new items as the Grand Finale. Check out our special celebration page and enjoy the fun.

For the ten weeks of the Teddy Bear Challenge, I added a total of 33 new products. What started out as a goal to add 10 new products over a 10 week period grew considerably. For the final week, I added a total of 5 new products, including the last two of my holiday items. Let's start with those.

Choco-Latta Bear Gift, dark brown bear comes with chocolateChoco-Latta Bear is designed to be given as a gift with that ultimate special gift - Chocolate! He gets his name both from the bag of chocolate that he comes with, and because of the color of his fur.

Snow Angel Bear, Winter and Christmas holiday decor in blue and silverSnow
Angel Bear
is an elegant decor item. Dressed in a light blue dress with silver snowflakes and silver trim, she gives the hint of winter and cold weather, yet brings the warmth associated with the good things of Christmas and winter holidays.

Angel Family of Bears, Mama, sons, and daughtersThe
Angel Bear Family is a sentimental display, or maybe a gift of encouragement to someone. Shown with Mama Angel, 2 young son angels, and 1 baby daughter angel, it comes with my original poem about mothers and children. The great thing about this gift arrangement is that you choose the family members you want.

Computer Geek Bear

Computer Geek Bear is quite a nerd! Does he look just like some loveable nerd you know? He comes with a bowtie that is askew, a yellow pocket protector, glasses that have been broken and fixed with white tape, and his very own miniature laptop. He'd never be caught without a computer of some kind!!

Realtor Bear, Real Estate Agent gift

Last, but not least, we have Realtor Bear, the very successful Real Estate Agent. In her very large
bag, she carries her "Home for Sale" sign, and the last home has been "SOLD". Included is her ever present calculator for figuring out those mortgage payments. This bear comes with a stand for easy display.

If you have come along on this journey of new products, I hope you have enjoyed the ride as much as I have enjoyed the "driving". I have accomplished a goal that I set, I have added items that were waiting to be finished for over a year, I have discovered the joys of sticking with something even when it was hard. We will be taking a break from creating new products and adding them to our site while we help our customers with their Christmas Shopping. If I don't post again until after the new year, have a wonderful Thanksgivng, Christmas, and holiday season with family and friends.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Santa's Reindeer and the Three Bears!

The holidays are fast approaching and I am busily trying to get ready
in one way or another. That means the blog gets left behind.
So, I will just talk about 4 of my new bears from the last two weeks
in this posting, and one of those is really a reindeer!!

Week #8 of the Teddy Bear Challenge brought 2 new baby
boy gifts
, 1 reindeer and 1 thoughtful bear.

Santa's Reindeer, Christmas gift or decorLet's start with the reindeer. This is Santa's Reindeer and first rate helper. His name is Rudi, the Reindeer Dude. He helps Santa deliver packages all over the world on Christmas Eve, and boy is he tired! When they get to a house where Santa has lots of packages to unload, Rudi takes some time to sit down and relax. He sees some reindeer food and is enjoying that, when he spies the mug of chocolate left for Santa! What a treat!! Now if he could just find that glass of milk or cup of cocoa, life would be perfect.

Someone is Thinking of You Bear, thoughtful message teddy bear gift
Someone is Thinking of You Bear lets you send a thoughtful, personal message across the miles. I designed this one to be sent by someone living in Kansas to someone living in a different state. The message on the t-shirt says "Someone in Kansas is thinking of You". I added some colorful sunflowers in her hand and sunflower fabric pants to complete the "Kansas" theme. This can be done in other colors with other flowers to create your own personal gift.

Week #9 brought another 4 new bears, 2 are described below. The other two are a Male Music Teacher Bear and a Singing Cowgirl Bear.

Pass the Dice Bear, teddy bear gift for dice game enthusiastsPass the dice, this bear is ready to roll!! That's the fun message that the Pass The Dice Bear is ready to send to someone who loves to play dice games. This bear was designed with Bunco players in mind, but could be adapted to other dice games such as Yahtzee and Farkel. She comes with 3 di in her hand, showing a Bunco, and the bell to ring to start the game. There are also 3 tiny di on the ribbon in her hair. She is just for fun, a gift that recognizes someone's special interest in a dice game.

Good Mornin Mama BearLast, but certainly not least, is one of my favorite new bears, Good Mornin' Mama Bear! Does this look like you in the mornings? Or maybe your mom or grandmother? This is a "just for fun" bear that I really enjoyed putting together. She comes dressed in a colorful housedress, teddy bear slippers (I also have bunny slippers and chickie slippers available at this time), glasses and 3 curlers in her hair. Her cup is filled with her morning coffee and she is ready to sit down and read her newspaper. This bear makes me smile, maybe it would someone on your gift list smile, too!

Next week is my last week of the Teddy Bear Challenge and I am planning a Grand Finale!! Stay tuned and then get ready to shop. Get your Christmas gift list out and start thinking about who might like one of these fine teddy bears (or other animals). Don't forget to read about my early shopper discount!