Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Basketball Bears As Gifts

Basketball Bears in uniforms
Basketball Team - Go Colts!!

I love college basketball.  I can't wait until the season starts, look forward to the final tournament, and am always a little sad when it's over.

With the tournament already starting, it made me think of the many Basketball Bears I have made over the years.  Many customers have asked me to make teddy bears as gifts for their seniors to present to them on Senior Night or at a senior banquet.  (I believe all of the bears have been made for female basketball players.)  We try to make the bears' uniforms as close as possible to the human players uniforms, including a team name on the front, and player name on the back along with jersey number.  You can see a variety of the uniforms we have made on my Gallery of Teddy Bears page.  We do other sports as well, all Sporting Teddy Bears can be seen at this link.