Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hocus Pocus, I've got a New Focus for 2015!

It's a new year and I've decided it's time for a new tag line for my business.  For many years, I have used the phrase, "Teddy Bear Gifts, The Lasting Alternative to Flowers", or some variation of that.  That phrase is still true, teddy bears still last longer than flowers.  So why change?  What happened?

Teddy Bear Shelf
I took this picture and it inspired me to coin this phrase - "Teddy Bear Collections, not for kids, but for the kid in all of us."  You see, this picture of teddy bears is not in a child's room, but is in my office.  Yes, my office, where I dress the teddy bears and personalize the uniforms and the wedding hearts, and where I dream of all of the many, many ways a teddy bear could be dressed.

The collection of  bears on the shelf represent a variety of themes, obtained in a variety of ways, and are only one shelf full of teddy bears in my office.  (Did you notice the teddy bear wall paper border in the background??)  I guess you could say there is a teddy bear loving kid inside me.  It's been there a long time.  Let's not forget, my maiden name was "Bear".  Yes, I have been at this (teddy) bear thing for a very looooong time.

So what about you?  Do you want to add something to your teddy bear collection?  I've got a bunch on my website: Click Here  What about a Valentine' Day Gift?  Oodles of teddy bears in pink and red, they will turn your head.  Teddy bears in red and pink will make you think.

Okay, too many rhymes!!! See you next time......