Monday, October 09, 2006

It's HOW MANY Days Until Christmas??

Princess Bear, Pink Bear Gift for Breast Cancer Research Month Whether we want to think about it or not, Christmas will be here in 76 days!! If you want to buy unique, personalized, handcrafted items, there's even less time left. For myself, the cut off date to order for Christmas is December 1st. There are others who offer unique items whose cut off date is closer to mid-November. What does this tell you??? It's time to look over that Christmas gift list and consider what you might buy for each one. Who would like something out of the ordinary? Who would like something personalized? Who would like something cute? Who would like a keepsake for a first Christmas? Who collects teddy bears, who collects bunnies, who likes unique ornaments for their tree?

Mother Daughter Bears, Teddy Bear Keepsake on Special during October, 20% off I, personally, like all of those things!! But you have to think about who you're giving to and what they would like. Give yourself some time to really think about the people on your list. If you find that a teddy bear or bunny (or cat, lamb, or cow) would be a good gift for someone, check out my site. I have my monthly specials going on, holiday specials (which will change as each holiday comes up), and you can always join my mailing list to get 10% off of anything you buy, everytime you buy. For the month of October, you can help fund mammograms for women who can't afford them by buying from my Pink Bears category. I will give a portion of each sale from this page to help fund mammograms. And I still have some really good deals on my clearance page.

Now, maybe no one on your list needs or wants a teddy bear, bunny, cat, lamb, or cow. I understand that, my gifts aren't for everyone. But maybe there is another type of unique gift they would like. Maybe something in a country decor style, , or maybe some other type of handcrafted item, . Check out these other sites and see what they have to offer to bring something unique to your Christmas gift giving experience this year. People love to know that a gift for them has been well thought out with their needs and wants in mind.

If you don't buy much for Christmas, I understand that too. Neither do I. Everyone has to do what is right for their families and friends. Sometimes the best gifts are gifts of time or just a hug and an "I love you." Above all, Christmas should be about considering what is best for someone else and doing it! After all, that is what God did and He started this whole Christmas gift-giving thing by sending His Son, Jesus to us as a baby.