Monday, September 27, 2010

The Birth of A Teddy Bear Angel Gift

Kailie's Angel Teddy Bear Gift Set
Kailie's Angel Bear Gift
Several years ago, I was working with other women at my church on the organization of a craft fair. During that time, the granddaughter of one of the women was diagnosed with Leukemia. She was only about 10 years old, my daughter was about that same age, so this really struck close to home. My heart ached for the grandmother, and for the entire family. Her granddaughter’s name was Kailie, and after the craft fair was over, I wanted to send her a special gift. I also wrote a poem that I wanted her to have, so Kailie's Angel Bear was born. Since then, many people have purchased Kailie’s Angel Bear as a way to send a message of caring to someone who needed to know they were thought of and prayed for.

I love being able to dress a bear in satin and trims,combine that with a poem the Lord gave to me, and add personalization to it as well. If you’d like to see just how this bear gift comes about from the beginning of a “naked” bear, to the finished product, check out my progression page here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Angel Teddy Bear Gift - Special Gift in Time of Need

Pearl Angel Teddy Bear Gift Set
Pearl Angel Teddy Bear Gift Set
In April of 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Scary stuff for sure.  Seven years later, I'm still here, feeling good, considered free and clear of the nasties.  That didn't happen overnight, and I didn't do it on my own.  Many skilled medical personnel were involved, and over all of them, God did His work, choosing to heal me and give me more time with my family.  And there were many friends who prayed for me, provided food and rides, picked up my young kids at school, etc.  I would never have made it through without all of those factors.  Out of that time was born an angel bear.  Her name is Pearl and she is dressed in pink satin with pearls at her neck, in honor of those women with breast cancer.  I wrote a poem that comes with the angel bear, which was written from the perspective of the friend who walks beside the woman going through breast cancer.  It is a gift that I believe would be cherished by someone who needed to know that a friend was there for them at time when they needed them most.  If you think Pearl would make a special gift for someone, you can read more about her and order her here:

You can read more about my breast cancer story here:

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fall in Love with a Teddy Bear this Fall

Football Teddy Bear in uniform with football and helmet

It's September, school has been in session for us about 2 1/2 weeks, we are settling into our school time routine. The marching band has been practicing, getting ready for their contests in October, and football, well, football has been going on since the end of school. That's how football works here in Olathe, the home of the Kansas 6A High School Football Champs of 2009. My youngest son is now part of the football world, where you practice for a few hours after school, and in his case, play 2 games a week, and must be ready to play in a 3rd game each week. It's a lot of hard work, lots of sweat (lots of laundry!), and lots of time for me sitting in the stands. I love football, though, so I really don't have a problem attending all of his games that I possibly can. There is nothing better than a Friday night at the football stadium, with just a little fall chill in the air, watching my oldest son in the marching band doing trombone suicides, and my youngest son waiting on the sidelines until his name is called to play. I am a happy camper in the crazy world of high school Friday night football.

Now, you may ask, what does all of this have to do with teddy bears? Well, not a lot, that's just a peek into my world as mom. Many of my teddy bear arrangements come from living in my mom world, and in the weeks to come I'm going to introduce you to some bears that have come along because of things that happen in my world.

Back to football for a moment, I have several Sporting Bears to choose from, most are personalized with name and number, using actual uniform colors as best we can. This is our Football Bear, complete with football and helmet. Have this bear personalized with your son's number on the front and back, name on the back. We can also put smaller numbers on the shoulders/sleeves.