Thursday, June 14, 2012

Teddy Bears in Red, White, and Blue

Teddy bears love to sport their red, white, and blue clothes when it gets close to the Fourth of July.  They enjoy a good parade or a picnic with fireworks, and they like wearing their patriotic colors while attending these festivities.

For instance, this cute couple like to wave a flag and wear a white cowboy hat, along with their patriotic clothing.  Wouldn't they look cute on the fireplace mantel or a corner shelf?
Mr. and Mrs. USA Bears
Mr. and Mrs. USA Bears

It must be cold where this teddy bear is having a picnic, she had to bring out her navy sweater.
Patriotic Teddy bear in sweater with flag
Patriotic Teddy Bear

Mr. Patriotic Bear
Mr. Patriotic Bear
Not to be left out, this gentleman likes to wave a flag and wear a white cowboy hat along with his very spiffy vest and matching bow tie.  He's cute and he knows it!!

All of these bears and many more can be found on my Patriotic Teddy Bear Gifts page.  You'll need to order by June 20th so I can get your order in the mail to you and you can receive it before July 4th.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Teddy Bear Workers of Summer

Lifeguard Bear
Lifeguard Bear
Some jobs you think of as being more active in the summer, and these teddy bears agree.  Summer is their busiest time of year!  Take this Lifeguard Bear for instance.  She is diligent in looking out for the welfare of all those little bear cubs that like to spend many hours at the pool in the summer.  You can choose the color of the swimsuit and towel, comes with whistle and red cross on the bathing suit, sunglasses or goggles.

Construction Worker Bear
Construction Worker
This Construction Worker is ready for lots of building and remodeling projects this summer.  He's dressed in t-shirt and jeans and you can add a yellow hardhat, tool box, electrical tape - lots of stuff!
Change the color of the shirt and pants if you'd like.  Add a name tag to make it personal.

Realtor Bear, real estate agent
Realtor Bear
Admittedly, a Realtor Bear likes to be busy year round, but in the summer families are on the move and she is right there helping them with all the details.  And she is successful, too, her "For Sale" sign has "SOLD" stamped on it!  Comes with glasses, shoes, calculator, sign, and purse (with papers!) Also comes with the stand to display her.  You can choose the color of the clothes, style of clothes could be changed as well.  I can also make this for a male agent.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Signs of Summer, These Teddy Bears are Ready!

On my facebook page (, I have been sharing some teddy bears that are ready for some summer fun.  I thought I would share some of them with you here.  Or you can see them all by clicking on the link above to my facebook page.

Fun in the sun Bear
Fun in the Sun Bear
First, one of my favorites, the Fun in the Sun Bear.   She is ready for the entire tropical experience!  Sundress with matching wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, bag with umbrella, other beach items, suntan lotion, and a basket of fruit.  She is on a vacation to remember.

Hula Girl Bear
Hula Girl Teddy Bear

Ever been to Hawaii?  I haven't, but I know teddy bears who have and they probably saw this teddy bear, Hula Girl.  She's got her grass skirt, coconut shell bra, lei, and a garland of flowers on her head.  Aloha!

I will share more with you in other posts this week. Stay tuned!