Thursday, May 10, 2012

Angels Spread Their Wings

Two Guardian Angels and Kailie's Angel with poem in the middle

If you have looked through my website (if not, please do -, you will see that I offer a wide variety of dressed and decorated teddy bears.  But these angels pictured have always been my favorite.  There's something about their white satin dresses that flow softly around them, and the gold trim just adds an elegant look to the ensemble.  Probably the main reason they are my favorite is because people send them to family and friends who need encouragement, comfort from knowing that someone cares, a reminder that God is there for them.  These three went to a family who is experiencing a very difficult medical situation.  I hope these angel bears serve as a reminder to this family of the friends who are thinking of them and care about what they are going through.  In the picture, the Guardian Angel Bears are on the outside, and Kailie's Angel Bear with the poem is in the middle.  You can see all of my angel bears (and bunnies and a lamb) on my Angel Bears page.  And yes, there is a wide variety of angels, too.  Some in other colors of satin, others in prints for a themed gift.  They would all like to spread their wings and take a personalized message of encouragement to someone.