Thursday, May 15, 2008

The School Year is Almost Over - WHAT?

Teacher Bear, gift for female teacher
Here in the mid-west, the school year is almost over. I don't know how this happened already! It seems like we just started. Maybe I'm feeling a bit sentimental, since next year I will have my first senior in high school. I will be sending my first child off to college about a year from now. That's sort of exciting and definitely scary!

In any case, if you are also nearing the end of the school year and need a special gift for a teacher - guess what, we've got some teacher teddy bears that would make a great gift.

The picture above is designed for a female teacher, probably of elementary age students. The bear sits about 9" high, she comes dressed in school motif fabric, pillow that reads "Time spent teaching is time well spent", and a pencil holder with a painted apple attached to the front. She is simply called Teacher Bear.

Mr. Teacher Bear
This is Mr. Teacher Bear. We didn't want to leave out the male teachers, so we created a bear with the male teacher in mind. Comes in a vest make from school motif fabric and bowtie. Glasses are optional. Bear is approx. 9" high in sitting position.

Music Teacher Bear
We can also do teddy bear gifts for specific areas of teaching, like this Music Teacher Bear. This bear is shown in standing position (though it would need a stand to remain in standing position without falling), and stands about 12" tall. The shirt the bear is wearing is a music motif and we've added black pants to coordinate. We can also make a black skirt. The heart shaped pillow reads "Music Teachers are Noteworthy".

So, stop by and see if we have a teacher's gift that will work for you. We offer several different styles and sizes. You can see them all on my Teacher's Gifts page. Last date to order your teacher's gift is May 20th.