Friday, November 30, 2012

New Christmas Teddy Bear Special!

Mr. Christmas Bear, Christmas teddy bear gift or decor
Mr. Christmas Bear
It is a new day and it is time for a new Christmas Teddy Bear Special of the Day!  Today, I am featuring Mr. Christmas Bear.  He is quite the handsome fellow, dressed in a fun Christmas print vest and matching bow tie, with a Santa hat to top it off - literally!  Click on the link below to read more about this cutie and order at the special price.

Christmas Special of the Day

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Teddy Bear Special of the Day!

Merry Christmas Teddy Bear Gift
Merry Christmas Bear
As Christmas approaches and my ordering deadline approaches even faster (December 5th), I am offering a Special of the Day.  This will feature one Christmas teddy bear item at a reduced price each day from today through December 5th.  The first featured teddy bear is the Merry Christmas Bear.  See my webpage, Christmas Special of the Day, to read more about this adorable Christmas teddy bear that can be used as a gift or as decor, and see the special price - today only!  Tomorrow there will be another Christmas teddy bear gift featured.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's Beginning to Look Alot like Teddy Bears for Christmas

Merry Christmas Bear, Teddy Bear Gift
Merry Christmas Bear
Christmas is only 45 days away, so I must intrude upon your planning for Thanksgiving to encourage you to look ahead.  My cutoff date for ordering items for pre-Christmas delivery is December 5th. Ouch!  That is coming up way too soon.

So with Christmas in mind, I introduce to you today my newest Christmas bear, which is really a revision of one of my oldest Christmas bears.  This is Merry Christmas Bear and she is a cutie!  She is a beige bear dressed in a bright red sweater with a Christmas tree on the front.  Her pants are a dark green with red ribbons and she is holding a silver package.  You can read more about her and place your order by going to her web page,  Merry Christmas Bear.

Panda Santa Bear, Christmas panda bear gift
Panda Santa Bear

I have many other teddy bears to choose from for Christmas gifts, including two dressed panda bears.  These panda bears are quite adorable with their fuzzy black and white fur.  Panda Santa Bear is dressed in a very elegant looking Christmas print vest and matching bow tie and topped off with a fun Santa hat.  You can read more about Panda Santa and place your order on his web page, Panda Santa Bear.

Visit these two pages for a preview of more teddy bears dressed for Christmas, as well as other teddy bear gift ideas.

Christmas Teddy Bears

Christmas Gift Ideas

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Something Beary Cute for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Sweater Bear
Thanksgiving Sweater Bear
There is still time to order a teddy bear for Thanksgiving.  Orders need to be placed by November 12th.  My Harvest and Fall Decor Teddy Bears make great items to display for the fall season and Thanksgiving holiday.  Or the teddy bears would make a great way to wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving when you won't be able to spend the holiday with them.  Consider the Thanksgiving Sweater Bear.  This cute beige bear is dressed in a tan sweater with a colorful turkey on the front.

Harvest Angel Bear
Harvest Angel Bear

Or perhaps the Harvest Angel Bear is more to your liking.  The Harvest Angel Bear is dressed in a green dress with bright fall colored pinafore.  She would make a beautiful mantel decoration.  As you can see, I really like the look of bright orange pumpkins.

Pumpkin Sweater Bear
Pumpkin Sweater Bear
That can be seen no better than in the Pumpkin Sweater Bear.  What can I say?  Bright orange pumpkins everywhere, on the sweater, on the pants, and in the teddy bear's hand.

See these featured teddy bear gifts and decor and my complete line at