Thursday, January 19, 2017

Valentine Man
I have added my last new Valentine Gift item.  Take a look at the Valentine Man BearHe is the ultimate in teddy bears dressed for Valentine's Day, with a sharp looking vest, top hat, bouquet of silk roses, and a tiny box of "chocolates".

I'm already starting to get Valentine orders and inquiries, so hopefully this will be a busy season.  If you are thinking of ordering a Valentine teddy bear (or bunny, cow, or cat) from me, don't wait too long.

Last Day to Order for  Valentine's Day 2017 for items using cross-stitch is January 30, 2017
Last Day to Order is February 3, 2017 for all other items.

Your discount code for 2017 is still "bfg" for 15% off any order.  Sample items included until further notice.

There are a variety of Valentine items to choose from, sizes, prices, themes.  My Valentine's Day Teddy Bear Gifts page features a collection of Valentine's gifts from the almost 17 years I have been online.

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