Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Sale On! At (Teddy) Bear Family Gifts

Reminder of ongoing sales:

Sample Sale: - Awesome teddy bears (and some bunnies, a cow, and a cat) 25 to 30% off the regular retail price.  One of each is available at this price.

Sweater Sale:  Any teddy bear wearing a sweater can be purchased at 20% off (does not apply to any items on the Sample Sale page) using code: sweater20.  Seriously, any teddy bear wearing a sweater.  Sale is good through November 7th.

Good pages to find teddy bears wearing sweaters:
Teddy Bear Quick Gifts
Holiday Bears
Get Well Teddy Bear Gifts
Birthday Teddy Bear Gifts
Panda Bear Gifts

Those are just a start.....

Happy Sale-ing!!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday Specials

I don't usually offer any after Thanksgiving sales, as I am out of town with little access to the internet.  But, today is Cyber Monday, so I thought I would offer two Christmas items at a special price.

These two items are available from now through midnight December 1st at 20% off the listed price with the coupon code "monday".

Red Christmas Angel Bear
Red Christmas Angel Bear

A beautiful red dress featuring angels with music lyrics and score written in gold.  Holds a small gold horn, comes on stand.  Features beautiful white feather angel wings.

Mr. Christmas Bear

Elegant gentleman bear dressed up for Christmas. Features a colorful Christmas fabric vest and matching bow tie (fabric may vary, but will be a beautiful Christmas print from current selections), comes with black top hat and holds a silk poinsettia. Absolutely charming!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Gotta Talk about Christmas! (Please don't groan...)

Hello readers.  I almost hate to say it, but Christmas truly is not far away, especially for those of us who make and sell Christmas gifts and decor.  Ordering early is the key to keeping all of us happy, so I must bring up the subject early as well.  I have been updating a few pages of Christmas gifts and wanted to share those updates with you.

Holiday Sweater Bear
Holiday Sweater Bear
First is the Holiday Sweater Bear page.  Many of the sweater designs have changed since I posted the picture of the bear and sweaters, so I added a separate page where I could easily update the sweaters as necessary.  Sometimes the designs change every year.  

Thanksgiving Sweater Bear, cornucocpia
Thanksgiving Sweater

You can see all of the current holiday sweaters hereI have also added a Thanksgiving sweater to the choices.  It's a beauty.

Mr. Snow Bear
Mr. Snow Bear
Secondly is the Mr. Snow Bear.  I thought I was being very clever a few years ago when I started making the Snowman Bears using the white bears that I could buy in 4 sizes.  Fun, right?  Until my supplier stopped carrying the white bears.  Once I run out of them, I cannot replenish my supplies.  This size of white bear, about 12" tall, was a popular one and it didn't take long to run out of them.  So, now the Mr. Snow Bear is made using a beige bear.  I have updated the pictures on the page to reflect the current design.
I also updated the cut off date for Christmas orders on the Christmas Teddy Bears page.  Currently, the cut off date is December 12th.

Hanukkah Bear
Hanukkah Bear
And, just in case you did not know, I also have a Hanukkah Bear.  I have only one sweater that is shown in the picture, so if you need one, please order soon. I do not know if I will be able to get any more sweaters just like this pretty one.